Best Self Cleaning Litter Box for 2017 [UPDATED REVIEW]

All the dog owners believe that managing cat litters are simple, and does not require much attention. Cat as well as a dog, in both the cases we found it challenging and tough. To make the cleaning work easier for the owners, there are units called Self Cleaning Litter Box made available.

There are many of them, choosing the right litter box may get puzzling for you. Find out our pick for the self-cleaning unit.

Best Self Cleaning Litter Box

Our pick for the Best Self Cleaning Litter Box is the CatGenie Self Flushing system. This is the only self flushing product available in the Cat Litter department.

CatGenie Self Flushing

After you have purchased this product, you won’t need to buy the cat litter again. Want to know the secret behind it’s working? Read on.


We will begin with the litters; they are washable in nature. They are not same as the litters found in other litter boxes. The method of collecting waste in a litter box is unsanitary; this can be skipped while dealing with the CatGenie product. Here the granules are dust-free, and they get dried and sanitized on their own.

The Company’s quote about the unit is that “the product behaves like a cat box. It performs cleaning like an appliance, and does the flushing as a toilet.” You can get your Cat’s bathroom more clean that your own. You can set up this Litter Box for 2 or max of 3 cats, which are 6 months or older.


There are different points to be noted while setting up the unit. We will list out them as follows:

  1. It involves one-time setup, and it is a DIY process. The unit comes along with a T-adaptor, and this helps with connecting the system with the cold water line. You can share the water line used for washing machine.
  2. If you are setting up the Litter Box in a bathroom, you can hook it up with the drainage. This will directly drain the waste into the toilet.
  3. The box can be set up in the laundry area as well, where the unit is connected with the washing machine drain pipe.

You can make a note of these points, and get the unit installed perfectly for your kitty.

How does it work?

After your cat is done with their business, the flushing of the unit starts. This makes the litter moist, and later they are dehydrated. All the clumping litter is flushed out, and this keeps your home odor-free and clean. you can check popular self cleaning litter box reviews 2017 to understand it better. In the cleaning process, the solid waste is removed from the product, and they are liquefied for easy disposal.

In this way, you don’t have to deal with any smelly litter or clumps while cleaning it. As the litter box removes all of them with the flushing and cleaning. Thus you can escape the mess and the troubles of carrying litter container or other heavy bags for the same.

Coming to the cleaning part, you will require water, cat-safe, Sani-solution. With all these ingredients you can get your litter granules washed, scrubbed, and finally purified for further use. And finally the Cat space is cleaned and all set up fresh.

Still, the granules are wet and need to be dried up. For this, the system features one inbuilt dryer. This dryer heats and dries all the washed granules. This makes the granules warm and fresh for the next use for your cat.

This was our review for the Best Self Cleaning Litter Box. There are many units available in this category, still, we found the CatGenie product all worthy relating to cost and performance. Which is your personal favorite among the self-cleaning units? Let us know by commenting below. You can follow our page Herring Run for regular updates.

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