Atlanta Is All Set to Host the Crazy Super Bowl Liii Game [Updates]

Atlanta is going to witness the biggest of the games, the Super Bowl LIII and a lot of things have changed for the past 19 years when the game was played here. Also, to let you know this game will replace the Georgia Dome with the $1.6 billion technological admiration.

The city has seen a rise of 40% of the population resulting in more traffic and congestion, yet they are many beautiful attractions, timeless neighborhoods and other world-class restaurants that make them special.

Atlanta Is All Set to Host the Crazy Super Bowl Liii Game

Amidst all the popularity and fame, there’s one name that Atlanta hasn’t removed – the bad sport’s town.

Two years prior to the Atlanta Super Bowl event, there was a game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. Later, Dan Shaughnessy mentioned Atlanta as a town of zero enthusiasm for professional sports.

Atlanta Is All Set to Host the Crazy Super Bowl

This used to be like the same old thing for the people of Atlanta, mainly when the media members used to find empty seats during the Braves playoff session for the National League dominance during the 1990s.

But this week, Atlanta got into the limelight again but this time things are a bit different than the usual lazy sports happenings.

‘Atlanta has been an easy punching bag’ said Wes Durham, who has been on the radio announcer for the Falcons since 2004. He also added that Atlanta has not been much longer, it’s only been 53 years now which is a short period considering the hotshot teams like Boston, L.A, Pittsburgh, New York, etc. Also, if the Atlanta was not good enough, then we won’t have this name among the highly professional teams.

Another thing I need to put light upon is that Atlantans are not uninterested in the games but they are in fact more sensible than the other teams and people.

There has been an immense growth in the economic side and the demographic shifts. Many companies now have their headquarters here, and many people who have shifted to this city in search of the jobs. Bob Rathbun adds that he has seen empty seats during Raddison Square Garden garden yet no one has complained after.

Atlanta is undoubtedly a sports town, and it would be a misnomer if you call it a non-sports place.

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