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Workouts at home are an easier option than hitting the gym! Well, in so many different ways! Number one: of course, home-workouts are cheaper and secondly, it’s more convenient. You don’t have any time constraint, so you can do it at any time you wish. Are you looking out for some easy home-workouts? Keep on reading!

Home Workouts

5 Effective Easy Home Workouts for staying Fit and Happy

Now, a reality check.

Home-workouts are easy. But, it takes out a lot of research time. You will have to do lots of trial and errors for this if you wish to practice the best workout. Patience is one of the keys to success. So, be patient.

Not all the home workouts will be suitable for a person. Below are the simple #5 workouts which are pretty exhausting and also easy to try out:

1. There’s nothing more helpful than your Bodyweight

You won’t believe it in the first place, but this one is actually true. There nothing as good and effective as one’s own bodyweight. You can start up with walks in the morning.

2. BBG plan by Kayla Itsines, for all those who are on the Internet

Kayla Itsines is one among the leading online instructors. They have released different challenges and workout plans that you guys can try out in your home. One such programme is the BBG; that’s the Bikini Body Guide! You can check out their page, and get more details about it.

3. Beachbody is also another option that you can check out!

Beachbody is the next Internet thing that you can totally rely upon. They include exercises and challenges, and the best thing is – it keeps on getting tougher with each episode.

4. Resistance Bands

I hope you are aware of the resistance bands. If you don’t have one, then you can simply tie up a plastic band around your legs, and make your exercises more challenging. More the effort, more beneficial to the body.

5. Lunges and Planks

Both of these workouts don’t need any equipment. Lunges are the walks you do with bending one knee to the floor side keeping the knee forward and the other knee on the backward side.

Whereas, in the Plank exercise you have to lie on the ground similar to your push up position. Then, you need to hold this position as long as you can.

Aren’t they simple? Let us know your feedback about the exercises listed here, and keep visiting HerringRun!

Ryan Lochte gets a 14-month ban from Olympic Games – DOPING RULES

Ryan Lochte is an Olympic Swimmer hailing from America, who recently got a 14-month ban from the Anti-Doping agency for infusing an unlawful substance inside his body.

Well, the truth is Ryan was not consuming any banned product but was taking IV injections without any proper hospitalization or an exemption.

As per the rules, you can take some medical doses within the decided limit, along with an approved Exemption. But unfortunately, Ryan broke both these laws and ended up with a 14-months ban on July 2018.

Ryan Lochte gets a 14-month ban

Ryan Lochte gets a 14-month ban from Olympic Games

During the month of May, Ryan posted an image on his Instagram account where he was seen taking the IV injections. The USADA (U.S Anti-Doping Agency) took note of the photo and started the investigation behind it. Later it was revealed that Ryan took IV injections without any prior exemption and that too higher than the permissible amount.

It was this one photo which led to the investigation and ruined his career.

On asking about the ban, Ryan says that he was devastated by the news. But the player was all supportive of all the examination processes.

There was a news conference held, where Ryan shares what he was going through with the ban. He said,

“Even though I was not taking anything prohibited inside my body, I have violated the rule. I am hopeful that other athletes learn from my mistake, and be aware of the rules of the game. I will still keep practicing and wait for the opportunity to represent the USA again. I want nothing more than earn the privilege to serve my country in the 5th Olympics, 2020.”

Each drug case differs a lot from each other, and many highest paid track and field athletes, tested positive have gone through really bad consequences.

Why do players take drugs? 

Well, drugs are just not taken for the purpose of getting strong. To some extent, yes of course drugs are taken to move faster and give high performance.

But mainly they are taken to fool the body from taking rest so that the player can put in more exertion during the training. This allows the player to put in double intensity than normal and simply increase their chances of winning.